How populated city flight against Omicron variant effectively.

Sorrow’s atmosphere descended on Hong Kong again after 18 years later. As a small international market with a large population, Hong Kong is facing an unspeakable healthcare collapse, and the amount of new data added since March 2022 is startling. Vaccines and masks are far and away the most important tools.

Two Hong Kong virus experts said high-risk groups should put on two face masks to protect themselves against the Omicron variant.

Placing cloth masks over surgical masks can “tighten gaps that surgical masks don’t cover, which are often very loose,” said David Hui, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a member of the government’s scientific committee. He recommended the measure to people with high exposure, affected areas and people on public transport.

Mainland China, Macao and Hong Kong are the last places to still stick to strict COVID-Zero policies. In cinemas, primary schools and kindergartens have been closed for two weeks after dozens of locally transmitted cases of Omicron were detected.

But wearing two face masks is very uncomfortable and stuffy. Is there a high-quantity mask exist?In the United States, the CDC recommends people wear N95 or KN95 masks because of the severity of the outbreak and the high rate of infection in this region. Hong Kong experiences the same thing as US. Since March 2022 unbelievable increasing in infection rates, about one in 37 people is infected. Vaccines, high-protection face masks and disinfectant are what the city needs most.

N95 has at least 95% filtering effect against airborne particles, while most flu and covid viruses also rely on these particles to spread, so wearing N95/KN95 masks correctly is an effective tool to protect themselves.

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