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What are the key differences between N95 Masks and FFP2 Masks?

There are three categories of face masks that are classified according to EN 149 European standard test criteria and filtering air mask marks. These grades include FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 masks. FFP1 mask has the lowest filtration rate out of the three masks, with a minimum filtration rate of 80% for particles 0.3 millimeters in […]

P95 vs N95 Masks: Different people have different choices.

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There are two different types of masks that provide protection against airborne bacteria, dust, and other particles. These masks are referred to as N95 masks and P95 filtering respirator masks. Where did you get these? How exactly do they function? Which one offers a higher degree of protection? Difference between N95 Masks and P95 Masks. […]

The Top Benefits of Buying an N95 Mask from a China Manufacturer

custom mask head bands flat n95 niosh880

People who work in construction, painting, and other dusty environments know the importance of wearing dust masks that filter out the harmful particles from the air. Here are just some of the top benefits of buying an N95 mask from a China manufacturer like Kaidayee Health Products Co., Ltd. China N95 dust mask manufacturer can […]

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