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Sanitation workers need tool to protect themselves

Sanitation workers are essential members of our community, responsible for keeping our neighborhoods clean and safe. They work tirelessly to collect and dispose of waste, which can be a dirty and hazardous job. One of the biggest hazards that sanitation workers face is poor air quality, which can have serious health consequences. To protect themselves […]

Why N95 masks are not suitable for some specific area.

Application and non-application scenarios for n95 masks N95 masks are designed to filter out particulate matter such as dust, smoke, and other small particles, but they are not designed to protect against gases or vapors. Poisonous gases can easily penetrate through the filters of an N95 mask and be inhaled, which can be harmful or […]

Different between NIOSH N95 masks and China N95 masks

There has been some confusion among Chinese customers regarding the difference between GB19083-2010 N95 masks and NIOSH N95 masks in the end of 2022. GB19083-2010 is the Chinese standard for respiratory protective equipment, while NIOSH is the U.S. agency responsible for certifying the effectiveness of respiratory protective equipment. While both types of masks are designed […]

How to protect ourselves from fumes and harmful particles

In today’s world, there are numerous types of harmful pollutants present in the environment that can pose a serious threat to human health. Exposure to noxious fumes and harmful airborne particles can cause various respiratory issues, and therefore, it is crucial to take adequate measures to protect oneself from such pollutants. One of the most […]

Why n95 mask matters in industrial workplace?

In the industrial workplace, having access to the best protection possible is essential. NIOSH N95 masks are an important piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for many industrial workers. Designed for maximum protection, these masks are tested under the highest standards and feature a respiratory protection filtration system that is 95% efficient against dust, fumes […]

Can you take off your masks now?

Researchers said that as the new variant mutated, the virus also co-existed in animals to mutate. So far, the N95 mask remains one of the most effective protective masks against the novel coronavirus.   While restrictions on masks have been relaxed around the world, the most stringent country in recent years, China, has eliminated mandatory […]

What Long COVID-19 Is and also What Triggers It

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What Long COVID-19 Is and also What Triggers It Component of the misconception regarding Long COVID-19 stems from the reality that we understand fairly little about it; much of what we believe we understand is, at best, supposition or educated guessing. Lengthy COVID-19 research is brand-new and also continuous evidence continues to emerge. Here are […]

Customized shade logo design mask customize colorful

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Customized shade logo design mask customize colorful logo mask Personalized color logo mask Where can I personalize a shade logo design mask? Tailor shade logo design masks no minimum beginning quantity. We tailor full-color logo masks. It’s not monochrome, it’s not bicolor, check N95 masks colorful, it’s not tricolor it’s complete color. True color graphics […]

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