The global situation of COVID-19

With more than 880,000 confirmed cases worldwide, the US Health secretary has tested positive for COVID-19 U.S. Health Secretary Sheila Becerra has tested positive for COVID-19 According to Worldometer real-time statistics, as of 6:30 PM Beijing time on May 20, 2022, there have been 5,252,222,464 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 6,296,530 deaths worldwide. Globally, 883,306 new […]

How can I procure authentic and economical NIOSH N95 mask

Customs officers in Hong Kong recently seized 15,000 fake N95 masks and searched them immediately after receiving reports. Officers arrested a woman in her 40s at a makeshift stall.When N95 masks were in short supply during the pandemic, many unscrupulous people thought they saw a business opportunity. So how do you get a legitimate N95? […]

What kind of mask should I wear if I work or travel in high-risk area?

Omicron is by far the most contagious variant we have encountered since the outbreak of covid-19, hence high-quality & high-protection masks are more important than ever. This is true for everyone, and even more so for those who are unvaccinated, at increased risk of serious illness, or caring for someone with COVID-19. In high-risk areas, […]

How populated city flight against Omicron variant effectively.

Sorrow’s atmosphere descended on Hong Kong again after 18 years later. As a small international market with a large population, Hong Kong is facing an unspeakable healthcare collapse, and the amount of new data added since March 2022 is startling. Vaccines and masks are far and away the most important tools. Two Hong Kong virus […]

Two polular fanshion mask

Everything recovers from the silent Winter and it’s time for you to go outside and do some exercise. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been looking for effective protective measures. In order not to affect your normal life, such as work, travel, sports and fitness, social gatherings and other activities, all kinds […]

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