How Can I Find Myself the Best N95 Masks or KN95 Masks?

How Can I Find Myself the Best N95 Masks or KN95 Masks to fight against virus?

If you are still hesitating about how to choose the best masks for yourself between N95, KN95, and KF94, here are some objective suggestions.

About KF94 (Korean standard) , KN95( Chinese standard) , N95(US standard) , Amesh Adalja, M. D., senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, put forward that these three types of masks can be viewed” functionally equivalent”.
Their implementations of standard are different but there is little difference in term of filtration effect (95% filtration effect). Like same NIKE shoes, different countries have different measurement standard, some country displayed them in EU size, some country use inch, some use centimeter.

There are two pivotal points you need to focus:

First point: If you prefer the earloop strap, go picking up KN95 or KF94, if you like the head wear, go picking up N95 while choose the one can offer you best sealing and comfort.

Second point: No matter purchasing online or offline store, procure the real N95 masks/KN95 masks/KF94 masks from reliable dealers

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