Are N95 masks or KN95 masks suitable for baby under age two ?

As parents, parenting issues have always been an essential issue. Since 2020, how to protect baby from covid 19 has become a top priority. Some parents are overwhelmed with picking out a mask for her child and discussing with pediatrician about which mask is right for baby kids. Our customer service often encounter these question such as which mask is best for kids, can I buy this mask for my kids. Our answers are always different: please don’t let your baby wear a mask if he/she is under two years old or let your kid wear comfortable and lovely KN95 masks if he/she is age 5-8.

Let’s dig into the reasons.

The research of different sources are inconsistent. Some study found that wearing N95/KN95 masks will affect kids’ breathing, others say side effect is exist but slight. But there were no any exact data and clinical trial about n95 mask towardws baby.

In addition, children’s fingers are not as agile as adults. Once wearing a mask, it is difficult to take off the mask independently even if it is uncomfortable or difficult to breathe.

So What best protection parents can do for their young babies. In conclusion, protect themselves equals to protect their babies. In simple terms: keep their babies from strangers and the public setting. Parents should take personal protective measures, wear high-quality masks and wash hands frequently, reducing the likeihood of contracting the virus.

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