CDC Suggests Wearing N95 Mask or KN95 Mask

Formerly, the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that non-health care workers reduce the use of higher-quality masks in order to make more high-quality protective masks available to health care workers

But as the covid-19 virus continues to escalate and mutate and continues to spread in communities, schools, and crowded areas, the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention officially called in January this year for people to upgrade their face masks, meaning that the N95 and KN95 masks should be used in the past and now. Cloth masks should not be used.

Because cloth masks do not insulate the meltdowns of small ministers. You can do an experiment for yourself. “If you hold it up to a lamp, you can see the light through a single layer of cloth. So if you can see light, tiny particles will move freely through the fabric and into your mouth and nose, and if there’s a virus in the air, there’s a good chance you’ve got it.”

That’s why the CDC is now encouraging everyone to upgrade to KN95 or N95, which are better at filtering the air.

While cloth masks are less protective, both the CDC and Broderick agree that they are still better than not wearing a mask when walking around or entering crowded places.

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