Why You Should Wear a Mask Before Seeing a Doctor

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When you’re sick, seeing a doctor is often the only way to get better. However, some people avoid seeing doctors as much as possible because they don’t like bumping into someone they know. I have good suggestion: you can wear a mask to cover your face before seeing your doctor! Except for someone you know, you will also encounter many things—such as germs and other severely sick patients in hospital or clinic. Wearing a mask will protect you from picking up any germs that may be present in the hospital or clinic.

It is also important to wear a mask if you are the person who have some contagious virus. If you are sick, there is a higher chance that you will pass on the virus to others. The doctor may also have other patients that they need to see. So wearing a mask helps to protect both you and the doctor from getting sick. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

If you are not sick, wearing a highly protective mask like N95 maks can help to prevent infection

N95 masks are about 95% effective in blocking small particles like viruses, and can help protect you from exposure to the novel coronavirus. If you are not sick, wearing a mask can help to prevent infection. However, if you are sick, a mask can help to prevent the spread of your illness to others. Wearing a mask is especially important when you are around people who are at high risk for serious illness, such as the elderly or those with chronic medical conditions.

Function of face masks.

1. Avoid an embarrassing cough.

Masks are not just for those who are sick. In fact, wearing a mask can help protect you from getting sick in the first place. If you have a bad cough, a mask like N95 masks helps you avoid an embarrassing cough and can also help protect the people around you from getting sick. So next time you’re feeling under the weather, be sure to put on a mask before leaving your home.

2.Wearing a masks can show your respect to your doctor.

It can be easy to forget that our doctors are people, too, just like the rest of us. They have feelings and they get tired of someone always wear nothing even they have bad cold and fever. One way to show respect to your doctor is to wear a mask when you see them. This simple act can help protect them from getting sick and can make their job a little bit easier. Plus, it shows that you care about their well-being and that you’re willing to do your part to protect them.

3. Take precautions amid severe COVID-19 pandemic
Especially amid the severe COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask is very important. Masks help filter out droplets that could contain the virus, and they also stop patients from touching their face.

Conclusion: wearing a masks, respect yourself and other people
Wearing a masks is not only a sign of respect for yourself and others, but it also helps prevent the spread of germs. When you are sick, wearing a masks helps to protect the people around you from getting sick. If you are going to be in close contact with a doctor, wearing a masks is especially important. Doctors are constantly coming into contact with sick people and they can easily spread germs to their patients.

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