Experts Predict Mask Mandate will be Reinstated, What should we do?

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In certain areas of the country, rules of wearing masks are being brought back into effect, while others are contemplating doing the same. The Director of Public Health for Los Angeles County, Barbara Ferrer, said yesterday that the nation’s second largest metropolis, Los Angeles, once again had a “high” level of COVID-19 activity. This information was provided. The administrative center of California is located in Los Angeles. On July 29, the city of Los Angeles intends to restore a mask requirement in all indoor settings, in the event that rates continue to be too high.

During the incoming days, nobody here is capable of forecasting what will happen with the pandemic (covid-19), much less determining whether or not mask mandate will reappear. The most prudent action is that we as normal perple could take precautionary measures, procuring a month’s supply of high-dose protection masks, such as N95 Filters or N99 masks,FFP2 or KN95 masks, and store them in our homes. Don’t have to hoard quite much.

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1 thoughts on “Experts Predict Mask Mandate will be Reinstated, What should we do?

  1. Klaus Buchenrieder says:

    I really find this thorough and informative, but I have a question because of another post I have seen from an OSHA 10&30 certified person. Whether that is true or not, they brought up that N95 masks are originally made to wear in a contaminated environment

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