Can you take off your masks now?

Researchers said that as the new variant mutated, the virus also co-existed in animals to mutate. So far, the N95 mask remains one of the most effective protective masks against the novel coronavirus.


While restrictions on masks have been relaxed around the world, the most stringent country in recent years, China, has eliminated mandatory wearing of masks in the end of 2022 and covid testing. Some people cheer and say we can get rid of masks. However some respiratory experts emphasize that you shouldn’t take them off just yet, especially in crowded places or when traveling. Medical experts continue to advocate wearing a mask even after you have received your vaccine and booster. Especially those who are weak and have an emergency.

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Transportation and gatherings in densely populated areas are causing COVID-19 infection rates to rise again, especially when it comes to indoor dining and recreation.

But how does the N95 mask work and how is it different from the KN95 mask? Are N95 Masks effective against COVID-19 and Omicron?

Simply put: the filtering effect is near the same both are more than 95% effective in filtering out non-oily particles. But the standard and the type of straps are different.

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