Benehal MS6815’s N95 Tc 84A 6810 Filtering Facepiece features

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Benehal MS6815’s N95 Tc 84A 6810 Filtering Facepiece: A High-Quality and Effective Solution for Industrial Applications

When it comes to protecting the health and safety of your team members in the industrial environment, quality and effectiveness are key factors to consider when selecting a face mask. Benehal’s MS6815 N95 Tc 84A 6810 filtering facepiece is a solution that meets these requirements and offers many benefits for industrial applications.

N95 and NIOSH Certification

This face mask is designed to meet the highest standards of safety and effectiveness, with N95 and NIOSH certifications ensuring that it can effectively filter out particles up to 95% of the time, even when worn for extended periods. This means that your team members can rest assured that the facial protection they need is among the best available.

Small and White

The MS6815 N95 Tc 84A 6810 filtering facepiece is designed to be small and white, making it easy to integrate into any industrial environment. The white color also helps to improve visibility and?? the risk of accidents.

With Foam Nose Pad

This unique feature sets the MS6815 apart from other face masks. The foam nose pad helps to keep the filter out of the user’s mouth and ensure that they can breathe easily while wearing the mask. This is especially important for those who work in dusty or dirty environments where the risk of respiratory problems is higher.

No Valve

Another key feature of the MS6815 N95 Tc 84A 6810 filtering facepiece is that it does not have a valve. This means that it is easier to clean and maintain, and it also reduces the risk of user error.


If you are looking for a high-quality and effective solution for industrial applications, the MS6815 N95 Tc 84A 6810 filtering facepiece is a great choice. With N95 and NIOSH certifications, small and white design, and a foam nose pad, this face mask is a reliable and safe option for any industrial setting.
benehal ms6815s n95 tc 84a 6810 filtering facepiece niosh certified
MS6815S 11 23767719

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