Coronavirus Is Proving We Need More Resilient Supply Chains.

N95 PPE Supply Chain

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We now need to balance cost and operational efficiency with greater resilience. To reframe our future, supply chain leaders must learn to thrive in the midst of disruption. Key decisions will need to be made around whether supply chains should be optimized for cost, speed, agility, variety, or innovation.

COVID-19 and the accompanying global lockdowns have seriously disrupted supply chains across the globe. We must elevate supply chain resilience to survive. with one of the most likely ‘fallouts’ from COVID-19 being a protracted disruption to global supply chains.

‘At War With No Ammo’: Doctors Say Shortage of Protective Gear Is Dire. The lack of proper masks, gowns and eye gear is imperiling the ability of medical workers to fight the coronavirus — and putting own lives at risk and their families and others.

As a result, building greater supply chain resilience will become an increasing area of focus. Building supply chains able to withstand this volatility is critical.

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  • Faceshield, fog-resistant, full-face, disposable.
  • Goggles, protective, indirect-side-ventilation.
  • Mask, disposable., public use.
  • Mask, high-filtration, FFP2/3, KN95, N95, no valve, non-sterile.
  • Mask, surgical, ASTM level 2/3, Type IIR, tie strap, disposable.
  • Cap, surgical, bouffant, non-woven.
  • Trousers, surgical, woven.
  • Tunic, surgical, woven.
  • Gown, surgical, nonsterile, non-woven.
  • Apron, protection, plastic, disposable.
  • Apron, protection, plastic, reusable.
  • Coverall, protection, Cat III, type 6b.
  • Gloves, w/o powder, nitrile, disposable.
  • Gloves, heavy-duty, rubber/nitrile.
  • Gloves, w/o powder, nitrile, disposable.
  • Boots, rubber/PVC, reusable, pair.
  • Boot cover, antiskid, elasticated


In the past, Most supply chain leaders have been taught to strive for visibility with tier one suppliers, but issues could be further down the chain. Traditional global supply chain structures are not equipped to effectively cope with these increasing disruptions. Even as the world begins to move towards planning for recovery, uncertainty is likely to remain part of life for the foreseeable future.

Now, Coronavirus Is Proving We Need More Resilient Supply Chains. Most supply chain leaders recognize that becoming more resilient is a necessity in the current environment. The cost of retaining multiple supply locations must be seen more as a cost of doing business, rather than an inefficiency.