Affiliate Agreement

This agreement describes the terms and conditions for participation in the affiliate program. In this agreement, the term “Affiliate” refers to you (the applicant). In this agreement, “” refers to Instocking LLC.., with whom you are entering this agreement. By submitting an application to participate in the affiliate program. You are indicating your agreement to be bound by these terms of service as well as N95instock’s terms of use and privacy policy. Eligibility for the Affiliate Program To participate in the Affiliate Program, you must submit an application through N95instock’s Affiliate Signup, Instocking LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to accept or reject any application for membership in the Affiliate Program for any reason. Affiliates must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in the Affiliate Program. Commissions Commissions earned on referrals become payable 30 days after the referred customer becomes a Qualified Referral. Your total commission amount must equal or exceed one hundred US Dollars ($100) before receiving a payment from Instocking LLC. If your total commissions for a given month are less than $100, payment will be held until the total commissions equal or exceed $100. The special situation of COVID-19
1. Purchasing cost changes at any time.
2. Shipping cost changes at any time.
3. In order to close wholesale orders, more profit is shared to our customers.

Though more challenges we are facing, but we are struggling to share more profit with you, our partner. Settlement ratio as follows: Below you can review the detail about our commission ratio. Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver. Release and Authorization to Use Instocking LLC grant permission to use any and all photographs taken by Instocking LLC or its agents or employees, or submitted by You to Instocking LLC (hereinafter “Photographs”) in any media (including, but not limited to, print, internet, film, television and no matter how distributed or published) for any purpose, including, but not limited to, advertising, promoting, and marketing of Instocking LLC or any product or service sold and marketed by Instocking LLC. You agree that this authorization to use Photographs may be assigned by Instocking LLC to any other party, may be combined with other Photographs, sounds, text and graphics, and may be manipulated, cropped, altered or modified in Instocking LLC’s sole discretion. You agree not to make any monetary assessment against Instocking LLC in exchange for the release under this section. You hereby release and forever discharge Instocking LLC from any and all liability and from any damages. You further acknowledge and agree that this release is binding upon Your heirs and assigns and that the release is irrevocable. Limitation on Time to File Claims ANY CAUSE OF ACTION OR CLAIM YOU MAY HAVE ARISING OUT OF OR RELATING TO THESE TERMS OF SERVICE OR THE SITES MUST BE COMMENCED WITHIN ONE (1) YEAR AFTER THE CAUSE OF ACTION ACCRUES, OTHERWISE, SUCH CAUSE OF ACTION OR CLAIM IS PERMANENTLY BARRED. Modification: Instocking LLC may review and update these Terms of Service at any time in our sole discretion and it is your responsibility to keep abreast of those changes. All changes are effective immediately when posted. Your continued participation in the Affiliate Program following the posting of revised Terms of Service means that you accept and agree to the changes which are binding on you, so please check this web page periodically for updates. Affiliate Programs There are two types of Affiliate programs with one-time and recurring. Referrals You will receive commission for Qualified Referrals to Instocking LLC. The percentage of commission may change at any time and without notice.

“Qualified Referrals” mean customers referred by you to N95instock who: (1) click on your unique tracking link; (2) within ninety (90) days of clicking on your unique tracking link, successfully purchase a product from

Affiliates who share the same personal/ company details, including but not limited to, last name, email address, IP address, website details, or commission payment details, as their referred customer will be deemed to have made a “Self-Referral”. Referral commission and any earnings associated with this type of “Self-Referral” will not be paid. Instocking LLC, in its sole discretion, will determine the classification of any referral as a “Self-Referral”.

Referrals made to current customers will be considered “Current Customer Referrals” and referral commission and any earnings associated with Current Customer Referrals will begin accruing after the referral was made. You will not receive referral commission for a Current Customer Referral for any payments the customer made to before the referral. Instocking LLC, in its sole discretion, will determine the classification of any referral as a “Current Customer Referral”.
Refunds: If at any time a Qualified Referral files a credit card dispute, any earned Affiliate commission on the disputed charge shall become frozen in the account until the dispute is settled. You will not receive any interest on commissions that have been frozen. If the dispute is settled in Instocking LLC’s favor, any associated earned Affiliate commission will become payable to you. If the dispute is settled in the Qualified Referral’s favor, any associated earned Affiliate commission shall not be paid to you. If commissions have already been paid out to you, the amount of earned commissions on the disputed charges shall be debited to your account. Payment: Commission payments will be paid in US Dollars and may be made via check or electronic payment (such as Paypal). You are responsible for paying all applicable fees associated with accepting payments, including but not limited to, currency conversion fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, and check cashing fees. Commissions are paid out before 7th of each month.

You are responsible for any and all tax liabilities, including, without limitation, income tax liabilities, that arise from or in any way relate to any commissions paid out to you by Instocking LLC.

Instocking LLC reserves the right to request documentation in order to approve your account. These requests may be made during the Affiliate Program application process or at any time while you have an active account in the Affiliate Program. If requests for documentation are not responded to in a timely manner, Instocking LLC reserves the right to terminate, deactivate, or not approve your account.
Termination: Instocking LLC may, in its sole discretion, terminate your participation in the Affiliate Program at any time, with or without cause, and without warning or notice. Without limiting the foregoing, Instocking LLC reserves the right to terminate your account if it has been inactive for 12 consecutive months. Instocking LLC reserves the right to terminate your participation in the Affiliate Program and not pay the accrued balance if you have been deemed to breach Instocking LLC’s Terms of Use or these Terms of Service or engage in any conduct that Instocking LLC deems to be illegal, improper, unfair, or otherwise adverse or detrimental to Instocking LLC.

In Instocking LLC’s sole discretion, affiliate accounts generating a large number of fraudulent accounts or that are associated with any false or misleading advertising or suspected fraudulent activity will be deactivated.
You may terminate your participation in the Affiliate Program at any time. You may discontinue your participation in the Affiliate Program by removing your affiliate links from your website and no longer promoting them. For accounting purposes, Instocking LLC’s systems will retain Your account and personal information. By terminating your participation in the Affiliate Program, you waive your right to be paid any unpaid commissions below the minimum threshold and you assign (by way of future assignment) all of your rights and ownership of any commissions which we are holding to your account. You will not receive any commissions which are earned after the date of termination.

Upon termination, all rights granted to you shall immediately terminate.